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Oceania's guide to posting on Social Media

Social Media Guide

Leveraging social media can be a great way to connect with your audience but knowing which social media platforms to utilise can be daunting, let alone how frequently and how to understand success.

The best way to begin is to look at your audience and assess which social media platforms they are most active on, if you are not sure check out your analytics to see which platforms your users visit your site from or you can look to experiment with different platforms and assess the results.

Be aware social media algorithms change and user behavior evolves, so it's essential to monitor your analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Here are some best practice tips on posting on Social Media - which platforms to utilise, they types of audience they attract, how often and how to measure engagement.

Social Media Guide for posting

1. Facebook:

  • Frequency: 3-5 times per week.

  • Best times: Mid-week around 1 pm to 3 pm.

  • Engagement: Weekends can also be good, with higher engagement on Sundays.

  • Age: Broad range, but most users are 25-54.

  • Gender: Fairly balanced.

  • Interests: General social networking, news, and a wide variety of content.

2. Twitter:

  • Frequency: Multiple times per day (at least 3-5 tweets).

  • Best times: Weekdays during lunchtime (12 pm to 1 pm) and evenings (5 pm to 6 pm).

  • Engagement: Twitter is fast-paced, so tweeting consistently is crucial.

  • Age: Broad range, with a focus on 18-49.

  • Gender: Fairly balanced.

  • Interests: Real-time updates, news, trending topics, and discussions.

3. Instagram:

  • Frequency: 3-7 times per week.

  • Best times: Weekdays around 11 am to 1 pm and evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm.

  • Engagement: Consistency is key, and don't forget Instagram Stories and Reels.

  • Age: Predominantly 18-34, but a growing user base in older age groups.

  • Gender: Slightly more female users.

  • Location: Worldwide, with a strong presence in urban areas.

  • Interests: Visual content, lifestyle, fashion, travel, and creativity.

4. LinkedIn:

  • Frequency: 2-5 times per week.

  • Best times: Tuesday through Thursday, especially during business hours (9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm).

  • Engagement: Focus on professional content and networking.

  • Age: Primarily 25-54, with a focus on professionals.

  • Gender: Slightly more male users.

  • Location: Worldwide, strong presence in the business community.

  • Interests: Networking, career development, B2B marketing.

5. Pinterest:

  • Frequency: Multiple pins per day (10+).

  • Best times: Saturday mornings and evenings are often optimal.

  • Engagement: Consistent pinning and seasonal content work well.

  • Age: Predominantly female users, 18-49.

  • Gender: Heavily skewed towards females.

  • Interests: DIY, home decor, fashion, cooking, and lifestyle.

6. TikTok:

  • Frequency: 1-3 times per day.

  • Best times: Evenings and late nights, especially on weekdays.

  • Engagement: Short, engaging videos perform best.

  • Age: Mainly 16-34, with a significant teen audience.

  • Gender: Fairly balanced, with a slight female majority.

  • Interests: Short-form video content, entertainment, challenges, and trends.

7. YouTube:

  • Frequency: At least once a week.

  • Best times: Publish on specific days/times and stick to a schedule.

  • Engagement: Create high-quality, engaging videos.

  • Age: Broad range, with a strong presence in 18-49.

  • Gender: Fairly balanced.

  • Interests: Diverse, including tutorials, entertainment, vlogs, and educational content.

8. Snapchat:

  • Frequency: Daily or every other day.

  • Best times: Late afternoons and evenings.

  • Engagement: Share timely and authentic content.

  • Age: Predominantly 13-34, with a strong teen and young adult audience.

  • Gender: Fairly balanced.

  • Interests: Real-time sharing, ephemeral content, and communication with friends.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and your posting schedule should align with your audience's behavior and preferences. Analyse your social media insights to fine-tune your posting strategy and adapt as needed to keep your engagement high.

We hope this Social Media Guide was helpful, feel free to contact us to discuss your Social Media strategy.

Illustration by OrangeCrush

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