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What marketing strategy should I adopt? Take our Marketing Quiz & reveal your marketing personality

Marketing Quiz

Take our Marketing Quiz - find out what marketing strategy to adopt

Are you a local business owner in Brisbane looking for marketing help? Take this fun quiz to find out what kind of marketing assistance is perfect for your unique needs. Get ready to reveal your marketing personality! Answer the questions below and tot up how many times you answered A, B, or C to get your score at the end. This should help you identify what you need help with in terms of your marketing needs and how Oceania can help, if not, it was a fun quiz!

Question 1: What's your go-to Brisbane hangout spot? A) South Bank Parklands B) Queen Street Mall C) Fortitude Valley

Question 2: How would you describe your business in one word? A) Trendy B) Established C) Unique

Question 3: What's your favourite social media platform? A) Instagram B) Facebook C) Twitter Question 4: What's your marketing budget like? A) Tight as a kangaroo's pouch B) Average, but willing to invest C) Sky's the limit Question 5: Choose a Brisbane event you'd like your business to be associated with: A) Brisbane Festival B) Riverfire C) Brisbane Comedy Festival Question 6: What's your current marketing strategy? A) I have no clue B) I dabble in it occasionally C) I have a comprehensive plan Question 7: What's your business's biggest challenge? A) Visibility B) Customer retention C) Staying ahead of the competition Question 8: What's your preferred method of communication? A) Text or email B) Phone calls C) Face-to-face meetings Question 9: Pick a Brisbane landmark that best represents your business: A) Story Bridge B) Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary C) Brisbane City Hall Question 10: Which word describes your business's vibe? A) Vibrant B) Reliable C) Edgy

Now, let's calculate your results!

Mostly A's "Social Media Explorer": You need a boost in your online presence! Consider working with a digital marketing agency to enhance your social media and online visibility.

Mostly B's "Customer Care Captain": You require assistance with customer engagement and retention. Look for a marketing agency with a focus on relationship building and customer loyalty.

Mostly C's "Marketing Maverick": Your business is ready to take on the competition!

Remember, this quiz is just for fun, but it can give you some insights into your marketing. Get in touch with Oceania Marketing to take your business to the next level and help you create a comprehensive marketing strategy and stay ahead in the game.

Feel free to share this quiz on Social Media or with friends and colleagues, compare scores and start a conversation about better marketing for your business.


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