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Taking on Brisbane - Digital Marketing Consultant makes the move

Brisbane Digital Marketing Consultant

In the words of the famous and profound philosopher Miley Cyrus;

"Once upon a time it was paradise.....Think I'm gonna miss these harbor lights …but it's time to let it go"

After living in and calling Sydney home for over a decade we have made the decision to move to Brisbane.

We arrived in Sydney from the UK on 13 Jan 2011 full of optimism and have loved living in such an iconic, beautiful city but the time to move on has come. Many of our reasons are personal but after much soul searching and re-prioritising over the last two years given COVID and a redefinition of flexible working, we have taken the opportunity to look at our next chapter.

A frank and honest look back at our time in Australia has revealed that Sydney has not been the land of opportunity we had hoped for, at least not career-wise and at times it has felt like an unrequited love so a change was required. We are excited about the future and the change and I hope to still be active and add value to digital industry from a difference state but we will keep everyone updated with what is next!

We hope to be settled into our new home early 2023 so reach out, would love to make some Brisbane connections. Here's is hoping to a brighter future in Queensland as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

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