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Clubhouse - the new social media app on the block

The newest social media app - Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse?

So you may have heard there is a new kid on the block when it comes to social media platforms; Clubhouse. There are few unique things about this platform before you give an exasperated exhale and think " not another social media platform ", Clubhouse is build entirely on voice (think podcasts meets Twitter meets Snapchat). Nothing is recorded but you can listen into conversations that take place in "rooms". Some rooms you can even participate in the conversation depending on who has set up the room and the settings they have employed. Now the key advantage of this is that potentially you could join a debate with celebrity idols or authoritative voices in certain circle, an opportunity that doesn't present itself everyday. Having access to these speakers as well as potentially being able to join the conversation make Clubhouse pretty unique.

To join Clubhouse you must be invited by someone already on the platform, this gives the platform an exclusive feel and plays on scarcity of invites, although I have seen many posts on other social media networks where people are happy to share these invites easily thus growing the platform audience organically.

Clubhouse is only available on iOS so Android users will luck out for now.

Clubhouse first impressions

To be honest I am a tad underwhelmed by the UX and interface however bear in mind the collateral here is voice.

Clubhouse app in action

I do think it's pretty cool being part of those "water cooler" style conversations on mass and having access to subject matter experts and celebrities however to date I have not found much that has piqued my interest.

None of the conversations are recorded, they take place in real time, so you really need to be in the right place at the right time and due to being in Australia the time schedules of some of these conversations limits my access somewhat.

As with any social network there is a lot of less than valuable content so it is difficult to navigate these waters to determine what will add value. To date I have come across umpteen rooms promoting MLM's, discussing self help and meditation strategies as well as "business hacks " on becoming a millionaire but I feel nothing has really grabbed my attention for any considerable period of time.

A social media revolution?

Some are praising Clubhouse for its unique approach and claiming it could revolutionise social media, however I am inclined to disagree, yes it is growing an audience but it really isn't going to replace the likes of Facebook and Instagram anytime soon especially when a large population is currently excluded (Android users).

I feel at the moment there is a novelty value to the platform as well as a slight elitism around the exclusivity proposition but until the platform begins to add more value to a wider audience I feel it could be in danger of being forgotten.

I am reserving judgement too much until the platform grows in maturity and becomes a tad more inclusive in terms of audience acquisition. What this space. If you want to follow me or hit me up with follow suggestions I am @karentlewis

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