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10 Green bottles - Shop Ethical! the rise of ethical shopping

The cry to shop ethical with the rise of conscientious consumerism is evident with shoppers actively willing to pay more for goods that are ethically sourced from organisations with a strong corporate social responsibility standpoint. A brand alone is no longer a strong enough draw card for shoppers.

Shop Ethical - upcycled champagne bottle scented candles

A recent Neilsen report has indicated consumer behaviour is changing, especially with Millennials who tend to consider environmental factors when making a purchase.

In Australian many bars and restaurants do not always dispose of their glassware responsibly and it can still end up in landfill. In a drive to avoid this and give these bottles a new lease of life “Champagne and Candles” are open to donations of bottles to create their wonderful candles.

“A little bit of luxury with a clear conscious”

Earlier this week Champagne and Candles launched their small online business, they demonstrated a passion for sustainable goods and up-cycling and have combined this into an online retail channel that makes homemade scented candles from champagne bottles.

“Nearly everyone will have shared a special bottle of something to celebrate an occasion, afterwards the bottle is discarded and we really wanted to bring it back to life in a format that could still be enjoyed by the senses. The beauty of our candles is not only do they take on a second life, but once the candle is burnt down it can be up-cycled again as a planter, a pencil holder, anything really!, and the memory is preserved with it” – Andy, Champagne and Candles owner.

The products are all homemade by hand and the process is fascinating to watch. Champagne and Candles have launched their site on WIX with full e-commerce capability and are looking forward to building their customer base here in Australia and overseas.

Check out their website, they even do bespoke orders for those who have a special bottle with meaning that the want to save forever!

If you are a bar or restaurant that wants to get involved and support a small business, there is a page on their website on how you can donate your empties for a great cause.

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