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Everybody loves an Infographic – Infographics in SEO

Anyone who spotted the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors as featured on will know this quirky little illustration summed up basic ranking factors in a niffty graphic that people can share with their pals.

That is the beauty of inforgraphics, if the are interesting or relevant enough people will share them. And did they ever! check out the shares on this one!

Now as previously mentioned social signals are important to driving traffic after all if you can get people to spread the word about you, your product or your service then volia! your reach increases considerably making it great for increasing traffic.

What to remember if producing an infographic-

  • Make it simple – don’t over egg the pudding with snazzy graphics if it means the infographic is confusing or does not tell a story

  • Provide something useful – make sure that it has a “stickiness” to it, that people want to read on and find the information on it useful so they might want to pass it around

  • Consider technical issues – the aim is to get people to share this so consider making that easy for them, offer them the code to embed on their own sites and blogs, don’t make the image too large in physical size and file size

  • Include a back link – now you want people to share this but if they are going to find it useful enough to promote on their own websites why not ensure that in the embed code you include a back link to your site to help with link building

  • Optimise the image – if your subject is around stats on a certain subject ensure the title etc is relevant to a search around this subject. Also make use of the ALT and TITLE attribute to allow for it to be found via Google images.

  • Make it relevant – make sure it relates to you, your business or your service, develop a page to place it on and optimise this page around the subject of the infographic to allow for a better chance of this page ranking. (don’t forget all your share buttons and embedded code elements on this page also)

And there you go. Whether you are producing an infographic for link baiting, link building or to help drive traffic and increase your reach bear one thing in mind…make it shareable!

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